Hi, I’m Irene

I’m the person behind ‚sane-at-home-mom.com‘ and my intention is to create an online space where you as a mom can find inspiration and tips that make your life a little bit less stressful so that you can fully enjoy motherhood and spending time with your little ones home as well as outdoors.

I know well how overwhelming it can feel to take care of ‚everything‘ and that is why I want to jump in to help you.

Because I feel you and I have been to the point of desperation, but luckily with the strong support of my husband, who constantly believed that I could do it, I made it. Our little family now lives the way we want to live and I strongly believe, that you and your family can find your personal way to a happy family life, too.

The key to success, to true happiness, to happy parents as well as happy kids, lies in you. I truly believe, that we as mothers, are the heart of every happy family. We are the creators of cozy homes as well as nutritious meals and we find ways to keep our kids not only entertained, but also prepared for their future.

With this blog, on which I write with all my heart and passion, I want to inspire you. So please feel free to share your feelings and remarks with me. I am always happy to receive mails (contact@sane-at-home-mom.com) and comments from you.

My blog posts don’t come at a specific time of the week or month. I write whenever I have the time to do so – at night, when my kids are asleep. I share whatever I think can help you in your daily life.

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To be honest, cooking is not one of my favourite things to do. So if you’re here, because you’re expecting some delicious, easy meals, I am sorry, but this is not the right place for it. I do, however, like to collect cooking and meal prep ideas of others. So please check out my Pinterest boards:

What I really love and focus on, are playing and learning ideas for our little ones. You will find a ton of ideas on this blog as well as in my Shop.

Also, keeping my house nice, tidy, organized and well designed, is very important for me. You will find lots of organizational ideas here and from time to time I will share my created designs with you. Please have a look at my first freebie in this blog post Free Modern Fall Printables.
Regarding house designs I have collected an immense amount of inspiration on my Pinterest boards and new ideas are collected permanently. So please be sure to follow me there: Pinterest: Sane at home mom
If you want to get to know me better, I do of course have a classic ‚about me‘ page here About me
Kind regards
Irene 2