Eat healthy and stay sane

I know it can seem overwhelming to have to provide for healthy meal options several times a week for the whole family. Especially if you have picky eaters like I do. However let this blog post be a kind reminder that this is one of the most important jobs you have when taking care of your family. Eating healthy is crucial for both the physical as well as the mental health of your children. 

When growing up the body needs so much energy that for hungry children it sometimes seems too easy to just stuff in anything they can get to stop feeling hungry. However we all know that delicious high-energy food that children often crave is not healthy at all. So as their minds are still growing and they are still learning what is good for them and what to avoid, it is your responsibility to take good care of what food options are available in your home.

Not only is nutritious food important for raising healthy young people, but it is also crucial for your own sanity. Some time ago I read a very interesting article how eating healthily can really affect your mind and help you stay sane. And this is a very important information for any mom – as we always have so much going on in our lives and our minds are constantly busy. 

Whether you prefer a high protein or keto diet or you would rather stay or become a vegan, whether you like the Paleo approach or you love the raw food lifestyle – I think we can all agree on one thing: that eating vegetables is the best thing you can possibly do to fuel your body.

So for me I found it very important to remind myself everyday of what kind of delicious veggies do exist out there and I made a list of healthy snacks for myself. I hung it up at the kitchen cabinet right next to my stove and have a look at it every day when I decide what snacks and meals I am going to prepare for this day or the next. 

Which snacks your kids and you prefer is a very personal thing. However I sill want to provide you with something beautiful to help your family stay healthy and sane. Therefore I designed a printable with healthy vegetables to have both a reminder as well as a nice addition to your home design.

You could also print this graphic for your children’s playroom as a permant decoration or for starting a conversation about healthy eating habbits. It is up to you. Have fun.

You will find this printable in my shop:

Farmhouse Vegetables Printable

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