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Some time ago I stumbled about this blog post where Anna explains her concept of morning menus.

As our mornings are different and we do not have a strict plan that we follow each day, I did not want to copy her morning menu style. However her genius idea just came to my mind every morning when my children asked me what to do and I wanted to prepare breakfast on my own and needed some time. So a few days ago I ordered a set of menu covers (I have two kids) just like that one and today it arrived. So we will now start with our own style of morning menus and let’s see, how that goes…

My plan is to fill that folder every evening so that my children have some activities for their quiet time in the morning. I hope that they will get to their table in excitement early when they wake up and just start their ‚work‘.

What our Cover looks like

For now I have decided, that their front page will cover the basic information of the day. They are not much into months and the correct date yet, so I left that one out.
What my kids totally love is talking about the seasons and the weather. As we live by the sea, it is very exciting for them to watch the weather change (which can happen very quickly around here) and to observe the seasonal changes closely.
So I painted them some neat pictures about seasons and some kind of weather forecast. They can mark the corresponding pictures with a cross.
Everything else will be filled out by myself right now. The younger one can not write at all and the older one cannot write longer words without help. Also he is not interested in writing the date, so that would lead to much frustration if I would ask them both to write it down or to even check it with a cross.
However, if your children want to write everything for themselves, it is totally up to you to let them write the name of the day and the current date.
I also left a blank space on the printable for the name of your child. Maybe you would also let your children write it for themselves.
Our morning menu cover, that we will use beginning tomorrow, is handwritten and drawn by myself. But I designed a digital one for you, so that it looks nice and can be printed out quickly, if you would also like to start with this nice idea of a morning menu.

How to get this free morning menu cover

To geht this free PDF full of fall ideas, simply click here:
If everything works out as planned, I will include some ideas for a morning menu filler in my shop, soon.
I hope you enjoy your morning time with your kids.

Irene 2

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