My well tried evening schedule for all moms 

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Today I want to share with you – for free – my quick yet productive evening schedule. I have been following it for quiet a while and my mornings turned out to be very smooth and easy since then.
Now I can get up relaxed and without being in a hurry, because I am sure, that the important work is already done. 

The reasons

If you are like me and find it hard to get up in the morning before the kids, then this schedule is perfect for you. By doing the chores already in the evening, you can put yourself to bed in a relaxed mood and take your time in the mornings. Also your kids will benefit from this routine, because you are now able to cuddle them as long as they need in the morning. No rushing from your side anymore.

The list

So let’s see, what I included:
  • Let hair loose

Honestly this has been such a game changer for me since I have been doing this. I have really long hair which I put together the whole day. One reason is that my children are pulling on my hair otherwise and another reason is that I cannot stand it if my hair gets in my way, when I play or work-out or cook. So I put up a nice bun or ponytail in the morning and my hair stays like that. However for the skin on my head this is not such a good solution. Everything gets tight the whole time. Sometimes I can even feel that my neck gets tense in the evening. So I let my hair down and give my head a little massage after a busy day.

  • Change into comfortable sleepwear
  • Drink water & take mineral
  • Get some fresh air & relax

During summer time I enjoy sitting on our balcony alone for some time and soak up the fresh cool breeze. It is amazing, how quickly I am able to relax there. Just sitting there and being in silence after a busy day, works wonders for me. When it gets cold or during winter time, I cuddle myself up and still enjoy some time outdoors.

  • Load washing machine, set timer

I bet you also have a lot of laundry to do. So for me personally, I find it very satisfying, if one load of laundry is already through as soon as I wake up. Then I simply need to throw it into the dryer and do the folding sometime during the day, when the kids play.

  • Remove everything from main table
  • Load & start dishwasher
  • Collect stuff that doesn’t belong in living room

Of course I know, how important it is to teach kids that they have to tidy up. However, in the evenings, when I am busy with preparing meals, eating and preparing our bedrooms, I am very happy if they can play along all by themselves. And if they are too tired afterwards, there is often only time for bathing, reading and everything else. So most of the time, there are toys laying around in our living room. I always pick it up as well as everything else that my husband and I brought there during the day. For me it is very important, that at least the living room is absolutely tidy in the morning. I also experience, that the kids are more relaxed and do have less tantrums in the morning, if everything is tidy.

  • Carry that things into the right room
  • Clean all surfaces
  • Prepare morning basket /menu

A lot of moms I know like to have their kids entertained before or during breakfast. Therefore there are many families that have morning baskets, so that the childrend can pick out toys and play independently. However, a whole basket full of toys or activities is not the right thing for my kids in the morning. They like to walk around and look for something to build or play and get very creative. However, if they want to learn something quietly at the table, I now offer them the new morning menu, which works very well so far. 

  • Time for bathroom & bed
In order to get the free list, just click here
Let me know, how this turns out at your family’s home as soon as you tried it.
I will be happy to hear from you.

Irene 2

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