Montessori Continents and Animals Activity


This is a Montessori inspired geography material in learning animals thriving in each 7 continents (Asia, Africa, Australia, Antarctica, Europe, North America and South America).


By purchasing this product you will get a total of 24 activity sheets to print at home (only data, no physical product). You may check my blogpost about this material for further details.
Note that this file is in a ZIP FORMAT. Be sure you have the tools to open this learning pack.


There are 4 animals featured in each continent. Animals are in real photos for a more realistic view and a better learning experience.
Each continent has the following sheets:
  • colored copy (colored map, colored animals)
  • monochrone copy (black map, black and white animals)
  • activity sheet (colored map, blank space for animals, extra animal labels)
This is best used with animal figures like Safari Toobs or Schleich. 

Total Pages: 24 pages


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