Montessori inspired farm animals sorting/classification game


By purchasing this product you will get 4 beautiful pages with animals, their offspring, their products and habitats.
You will cut them out, possibly laminate and let your toddler explore.



In the early years of a child’s life, play is crucial for learning and development. My Montessori-inspired activity has been designed to engage and educate. This enriching farm animal sorting and classification game is tailored for toddlers.


Classifying farm animals based on specific attributes enhances cognitive skills. This activity promotes logical thinking and problem-solving from an early age.
Introducing farm animals through sorting games provides a language-rich environment. Toddlers learn the names of different animals, and associated vocabulary, laying a foundation for robust language development.
Note that this file is a PDF. Be sure you have the tools to open this.

Total Pages: 4 page


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