Free Fall Actitivities List for Families

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As you might have noticed I am a huge fan of lists. I use them for all kind of purposes: remodelling projects, groceries, tasks for different family members, but also for some fun activities.

I have bucket lists for every season of the year, because I like to have somewhere to look at, when the whole family doesn’t know, how to spend the time when everyone gets bored.

Also it helps, if you expect visitors and like to show them around or do something special. I like to write down, what places to visit, where to go and then have a nice little list at hand to make some suggestions for my visitors.

Another big advantage of activity lists is that you have some ideas, if family with kids come around and you do not simply want to leave the kids alone, running around the house and making noise. With very little preparation you can usually set up a small designated place in the house, where the kids can craft or do a little sensory box.

Anyway. for this season I created our personal list and like to share it with you.

30 Activities for fall

Our personal activity list contains differents activities for a fall season full of nice memories and some action.
I included outdoor fall activities as well as some ideas for a cozy time at home. Some crafts are also on the list.

How to get my free fall printable

To geht this free PDF full of fall ideas, simply click on the image below:
I hope you enjoy my free fall activities list.

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