Itsy Bitsy Spider Literacy Set


This material is designed for learning letters as well as preparing your child for proper writing. The literacy activity sheets consist of 5 different exercises, perfectly designed for preschoolers that love learning letters.


By purchasing this product you will get a total of 10 activity sheets plus 2 solution pages to print at home (only data, no physical product).
Note that this file is a PDF. Be sure you have the tools to open this learning pack.
This A4-sized printable set consists of the following pages:
  • nursery rhyme with graphics 
  • trace the lines (develop fine motor skills for writing)
  • capital letter / lowercase letter matching game
  • 3 pages letter recognition game
  • word search with solution page
  • maze with solution page


You can use the cover page as an illustration when your children or students learn „itsy bitsy spider“ by heart. 
By using the „trace the line“ exercise your child will develop fine motor skills that are necessary for writing.
A fun way to learn capital and lowercase letters is the spider matching game. Children surely love placing the right spider on its web.
By coloring the right letters on 3 pages your child can practice distinction of similar looking letters.
The included maze enforces coordination between fingers, hands, and wrists and builds strength. Both is needed for proper writing.
If your child is already fond of words then the word search will be fun. Notice that a child must not necessarliy be able to read the whole words in order to enjoy this game. Some children like putting together different letters even long before intenting to read the words. So if your child enjoys working with letters, you can simply give it a try.

Total Pages: 12 pages


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